Ideal Container Storage and Offices: Our Range of 3-metre Containers in Gauteng

Ideal Container Storage and Offices: Our Range of 3-metre Containers in Gauteng
June 11, 2018 Sunel
3 metre containers big box

If you need extra storage or office space but don’t require a unit as large as a standard shipping container, our 3-metre containers are ideal.

We have a range of 3-metre containers in Gauteng. Available for rent, these containers can be customised to provide ideal office or storage space, construction site storage sheds and even ablution blocks.

Benefits of 3-metre containers

Here are some of the benefits of using our 3-metre containers, no matter the purpose:

  • smaller footprint than a 6 or 12-metre shipping container
  • more cost-effective than a larger container
  • easy to install, move or relocate
  • can be temporary or permanent
  • fully customisable
  • scalable – just add more if needed
  • durable and secure.

Storage units

3 metre storage containers

Our 3-metre storage containers make it easy to add instant storage to any premises. They’re also easy to relocate, making them ideal for temporary work sites.

3 metre storage containers

All our containers are built from marine-grade steel and feature double lockable doors. They’re weather-resistant and vandal-proof.

Construction sheds

3 metre construction shed

Our collapsible sheds have been designed for easy transport to work sites. They’re easy to assemble and offer secure on-site storage that’s ideal for tools, equipment and supplies.

3 metre construction shed

The sheds are made from 0.8 mm inverted rib box, rather than the more traditional 0.5 mm corrugated rib. This results in a much sturdier storage shed.

Office containers

3 metre insulated office

For a small onsite office, look no further than our 3-metre office containers. Our team can add windows, shelves, carpeting, electrical points and security features to suit your requirements.

3 metre aircon office

The units are available with or without insulation and air-conditioning. All conversion work is done beforehand at our premises. Container offices are then delivered ready for use.

Ablution blocks

3 metre ablution container

For additional bathrooms on business premises, at event sites or on construction sites or sports grounds, our ablution containers are an affordable solution.

3 metre ablution container

Self-contained, durable and hygienic, these ablution blocks can be modified to meet your requirements. They can contain high-quality toilets, urinals and washbasins. We also supply units with shower facilities, complete with their own hot water geyser.

Renting a 3-metre container from Big Box

Our 3-metre containers are currently available only in Gauteng. To find out more about renting a custom 3-metre container, contact our Johannesburg or Pretoria branches.

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