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Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated Containers For Sale and Hire

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Our refrigerated containers are the perfect option for storing temperature-sensitive goods, such as fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, dairy products, certain chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Also sometimes called a reefer, each refrigerated container is a durable, steel-lined, marine container designed to keep goods either frozen or chilled at the perfect, even temperature. It’s ideal for outdoor use, even in harsh climates.

Using our Big Box refrigerated containers, you can add cold storage space to your premises immediately, without having to invest in the construction of a fixed cold storage facility and without sacrificing valuable, existing storage or office space.

When you need to expand, just add another container – and if your business moves premises, your refrigerated containers can be moved too.

Need just temporary cold storage? In that case, you can simply rent a refrigerated container for the required duration.


Big Box refrigerated containers are ideal for keeping all types of temperature-sensitive goods frozen or chilled. A single unit can also be partitioned to provide space for both frozen and chilled products.

Uses of our refrigerated containers include:

  • permanent cold storage for foodstuffs or other temperature-sensitive goods on your premises
  • temporary cold storage for corporate, sports, cultural or other events and functions
  • cold storage for retail purposes
  • seasonal harvest storage.


Big Box refrigerated containers offer the following benefits:

  • cost-effective cold storage – it’s much cheaper and quicker to use a container than to build a fixed cold-storage facility
  • high performance, with goods kept at reliable, even temperatures
  • flexibility – add more cold storage space as and when you need it
  • security – each container is built from tough, marine-grade steel and can be securely locked, making it suitable for outdoor use in any location
  • easy cleaning and fuss-free maintenance.


Our refrigerated containers are available in two lengths, at 6 or 12 metres. They support cold storage temperatures ranging from -20° C to 10° C.

Each refrigerated container is lined with stainless steel to provide superior strength, security and durability. All containers also feature aluminium flooring, ensuring easy cleaning and even distribution of cold air.

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