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Affordable hygienic ablution facilities.

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Big Box ablution containers let you add ablution facilities to a site, quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost.

The containers are durable and hygienic, and can be modified to suit your requirements. They’re the ideal solution for all temporary ablution needs.

We customise each ablution container according to customer specifications, including high-quality toilets, urinals and washbasins as required. We also offer ablution containers with built-in shower facilities, complete with hot water geysers.


Big Box ablution containers are ideal for use at:

  • exhibits, trade conferences, concerts and other performances, festivals and fairs
  • sports events
  • building sites and other temporary work sites
  • the locations of film shoots and more.


Big Box ablution containers offer the following benefits:

  • they’re sturdier, larger and “classier” than other portable types of ablution facilities
  • they’re quick to put in place and can be easily relocated
  • they can be fully customised
  • they’re scalable; if bigger facilities are needed, just add containers
  • they can include hot showers
  • they’re durable, hygienic and secure.


Our ablution containers are available in lengths of 6 or 12 metres, with 3 and 6 metre ablution containers available exclusively to our clients in the Gauteng region. They feature exteriors of marine-grade steel, making them both weather- and vandal-resistant.

Facilities in the ablution containers may be linked to a sewerage system. Alternatively, waste may be chemically disposed of, making the units suitable for sites that don’t have existing infrastructure in place.

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