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Container Conversions

Big Box Containers customises steel shipping containers for a wide range of uses.

Please note that we don’t design or build container homes, although we’re happy to supply containers and work with other professionals to customise them according to your building team’s specifications.

Strong, secure and highly customisable steel containers provide ideal building structures for a wide range of purposes.

How it works

All container conversions are done at Big Box Containers, prior to delivery and installation. This ensures you don’t have to deal with any associated noise and disruption.

We can modify layouts and add features according to your specifications. For example, our expert teams can customise features like windows and doors, air conditioning, electrical wiring and paint colours.

Once your container is ready, it can be delivered to any location in South Africa.

Benefits of container customisation


A container can easily be moved from one location to another.


No need to lay foundations or pay for months of construction work. The cost per square meter of a customised steel container is significantly lower than the cost of constructing a building from scratch.

Strong and secure

Made from durable, weather-resistant steel, a converted container is designed to provide superior strength and security.

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