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Affordable Art Spaces: Shipping Container Galleries

Affordable Art Spaces: Shipping Container Galleries
December 7, 2017 gnuworld

Shipping containers, whether in their original form or as re-purposed and re-imagined standalone showpieces, are hitting new heights as art exhibition spaces.

Gad Mobile Gallery – Tjuvholmen

With sleek clean lines, multi-level exhibition spaces and a roof-top terrace wrapped around a protected central courtyard, the Gad Mobile Gallery in Norway is a stunning example of how shipping containers can be used to create ideal spaces for art.

The entire gallery can be disassembled in a couple of days and moved anywhere, using any mode of transport.

Gallery on Leviseur – Bloemfontein

Featuring an eclectic design – which is simply stunning at night – the Gallery on Leviseur in South Africa has won several awards for architectural innovation. The expansive use of glass, along with an innovative layered effect, creates a space that’s ideal for exhibiting fine art.

Nomadic Museum – Venice, New York, Santa Monica, Tokyo

Constructed from more than 150 shipping containers, the Nomadic Museum is a vast steel ‘cathedral’ dedicated to the worship of the creative arts. It has travelled the world as a permanent exhibition space, and is a fine example of how to use containers in their original form to maximum effect.

CC4441 – Tokyo

Situated in the heart of Tokyo, and taking up minimal space, is CC441, a split unit art gallery with a single unit office stacked above. The bi-level layout has created extra space in the form of a tiny open courtyard. In this black and white concept gallery, the steel containers are basically used as exterior cladding.

Le Musée Itinerant – Carthage

Featuring three levels of well-lit and well-ventilated exhibition space, the Le Musée Itinerant is a wonderful example of urban grunge architecture. It’s constructed out of 21 used shipping containers, the majority of which are stacked horizontally.

Under- and over-hangs create a subtle arrangement of outdoor space. At the front of the museum are three vertically positioned containers, which provide a feeling of expansive height.

Back Yard Gallery – Washington

A backyard art gallery in Washington showcases the inherent versatility of a repurposed shipping container. Side panels have been punched out and replaced with glass, and the bright, well-lit and attractive space is connected to the main building by a neat elevated walkway.

Hot Box Gallery – Phoenix

The Hot Box Gallery offers instant exhibition space inside and out. Artists are invited to display works on the sides of the container, or use the exterior panels as giant blank canvases. It’s a creative mobile collaboration point that’s easy to deploy to trendy areas around Arizona.

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