The Pros of our Big Box Refrigeration Containers for your Industry

The Pros of our Big Box Refrigeration Containers for your Industry
October 18, 2022 Mari

Insufficient refrigeration facilities for your perishables can be disastrous to your business. You may have the perfect production line, but if your products lose their freshness due to insufficient cold storage, you may experience a significant loss in potential revenue. Refrigerated containers are an ideal solution for this purpose, as they provide a controlled temperature environment for perishable items. Refrigerated containers also have the added benefit of easy and convenient transportation, which means that you can rent your refrigerated container during the times they are needed most.

Regardless of your industry, Big Box Refrigerated Containers offers tailored solutions to meet your cold storage needs.

Here are some of the pros you can expect from using a Big Box Refrigeration Container in your industry:

Conversion of Livestock to Meat

Butchering, processing, packaging, and distribution of meat from animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock rely on a setup where every step of production relies on a previous step. It can be very costly if your setup is delayed in any way due to a lack of insufficient cold storage.

Big Box understands cold storage is a time-sensitive process. The storing of fresh meats includes the unwrapping and hanging of carcasses in order for the cold air to circulate around the meat. Our Big Box Container Blast Freezer is an ideal option for abattoirs with its temperature ranging from -30° C to 25° C. They contain double the airflow and double the refrigeration capacity. Blast freezing rapidly brings down the temperature and has the ability to freeze several tons of produce. This superfast process ensures that bacteria have minimal time to develop and keep produce fresh. Big Box’s Refrigerated Blast Freezers save time and valuable products.

Fresh Seafood

Seafood is the most difficult to store and the most expensive food item sold by retailers and restaurants. From the moment a fish is caught, trapped, or netted, there’s a race against time to ensure this highly-perishable item reaches its destination. Big Box’s Refrigerated Containers can be a key component in preventing the decay of your products as they wait to be distributed. Our containers have innovative refrigeration technology that provides precise and consistent temperature control. We offer 6m/12m Three-Phase and 6m Single-Phase Refrigerated Containers that can respectively store products at temperatures ranging from -20° C to 20° C. Keeping your seafood fresh and ready to go has never been this easy.

Fruit and Vegetable Farmers

In the fruit and vegetable industry, seasonal changes mean a crucial change in demand for refrigeration. Whether a farmer caters to a global market or to a local consumer base, having a reliable refrigeration solution for the relevant season is a must.

Our Big Box Refrigerated Containers are portable, accommodating changing refrigeration requirements due to seasonal changes. Big Box can be a big help to ensure the shelf life and quality of your products from farm to fork.


As the demand for fresh produce increases during busy seasons, retailers are looking for ways to store their additional products safely and efficiently.

In order to keep up with the demand during peak periods, retailers such as Woolworths, Checkers, Pick & Pay, and Spar rely on refrigerated containers to store fresh produce. This is a cost-effective solution that allows retailers to maintain a consistent supply of fresh produce for their customers.

You can rent a 6m or 12m Single- or Three-Phase Refrigerated Container when and where they are needed most.


Big Box’s Refrigeration Containers can be the solution to your pharmaceutical refrigeration requirements. Our 6m Single-Phase Refrigerated Container reaches the desired temperature in 3 – 4 hours and can store pharmaceuticals at temperatures ranging from -18° C to 20° C. Its features include a Flat Aluminium Checkered Floor and a Floodlight.

Refrigeration Containers for Rent at Big Box Containers

Big Box Containers is a leading supplier of Refrigeration Containers. Our standard Three-Phase- and environmentally friendly Single-Phase Refrigeration Containers come in 12- and 6-meter sizes. They can store items at temperatures ranging from -20° C to 20° C. They’re portable, secure, and efficient. A single unit can be partitioned to store both chilled and frozen goods.

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