St Stithians College’s Mountain Biking Takes Center Stage with the help of Big Box Containers

St Stithians College’s Mountain Biking Takes Center Stage with the help of Big Box Containers
May 19, 2023 Mari
St Stithians College's Mountain Biking Takes Center Stage with the help of Big Box Containers

In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles among South African school children, we’re proud to be supporting the rise of mountain biking as a popular sport. Encouraging physical activity among the youth in South Africa is of vital importance. Not only does it encourage exercise and fresh air, but it also builds confidence and teaches valuable life skills.

Big Box Containers love to cheer from the sidelines as we continue to actively participate in a range of cycling, running and swimming events, from the AfricanX TrailRun to the Night Trail Series and the popular Wines2Whales MTB events and even school sports. So strap on your helmet and join us for a thrilling ride through our latest involvement at St Stithians College in Gauteng!


St Stithians College’s Mountain Biking Program

The St Stithians College has a vibrant Mountain Bike Programme that provides an excellent way for their students to explore the great outdoors. They have a unique offering in the mountain bike circuit with more than 7 km of single-track. The route combines a number of A and B lines which can be used for novice and expert riders. In addition, it is a trail which offers safety for the rider, as it is situated in the secure campus, with easy access to Sandton and the surroundings.


“It is a space where every boy feels valued as an important link in the team.” – St Stithians College


Big Box Containers contributed a 6m dual office and storage container to the St Stithinas College MTB program. This impressive container is in close proximity to their Mountain Biking circuit from where their young men can cheer on their teammates during biking practices, MTB tournaments and other biking events.

There is no doubt that this new Big Box Container contributes to the benefits of their mountain biking program that extend well beyond just physical fitness. Mountain Biking is a sport unlike any other. It is a place where their boys find a niche, a home, and their own space. It is a sport where their student’s successes are celebrated, whether it is a nemesis of a hill conquered or a podium in a National Championship.


Benefits of Adding a Big Box Container to Your School Grounds

When it comes to making a big difference on school premises, having a Big Box Container can be of great help. Here are some advantages associated with having one at your educational institution:

1. Expansive Storage Space

Having a Big Box Container on school grounds can be invaluable when it comes to storage. It offers the perfect place to store sports equipment, textbooks, and other items, helping to keep your school organised and clutter-free.

2. Cost Saving

A notable benefit of opting for a Big Box Container is that they are budget-minded, customisable and easily transportable. No construction costs are incurred, making them a viable alternative to buying or leasing dedicated premises.

3. Customisation Options

When it comes to containers, finding one that fits your needs isn’t the only challenge. With Big Box Containers, you can customise your container with a variety of additional features; including windows, doors, insulation, flooring, electrical outlets and more. Whether you need to create separate compartments or want something outfitted with extra amenities – they have what it takes to make sure your school’s container is perfect for its intended purpose.

St Stithians College's Mountain Biking
St Stithians College's Mountain Biking with Big Box
St Stithians College's Mountain Biking

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