How our Big Boxes Make a Big Difference at Big Events

How our Big Boxes Make a Big Difference at Big Events
March 19, 2024 Mari



Big Box Containers are renowned for our impressive entrance and presence! Annually, we eagerly engage in prominent outdoor sporting events like the 2024 ABSA Cape Epic. This occasion allowed Big Box Containers to shine and show off in a big way.

A whopping 52 Big Box Containers were transported within 3 days and strategically placed across the event venue. Our containers play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and enhancing athletes’ experience. Here are a few examples of how our containers are used and add value to the event:





Refrigerated Containers

For any outdoor event to be successful, having a Big Box Refrigerated Container is essential. It can be used as a catering point of service or to keep food fresh and ready for athletes. Additionally, our new Single-Phase Refrigerated Containers will not only reduce the event’s carbon footprint but also drastically lower electricity expenses.

Event Boxes/Containers

After a challenging day at an endurance event, athletes get to unwind by savouring a cold beer in a Big Box Event Container transformed into a Chill Lounge. Athletes and VIPs can relax and rejuvenate in the ideal Race Village ambience.





Storage Containers

Ensuring the safety of valuables has never been simpler. Athletes can securely store their personal belongings in Drop-off Storage Containers equipped with reliable padlocks. This provides peace of mind for organizers and athletes alike, guaranteeing security and convenience.





Office Containers

An office container serves as an excellent primary control hub for all major event operations. It also provides an ideal race office setting to manage registrations and ticket sales. This versatile container truly shines in its functionality!

Dual Office/Storage Containers

These dual-function Office/Storage Big Box Containers are the ultimate hideout for your racing gear in the back while you rock the business vibe up front!

Water Box Container

Quench your thirst with our Big Box Water Box Containers, ensuring cool, fresh water ready for all your adventures. Athletes can hydrate like champs before and after their epic endeavours!





Sleeper Event Box Containers

Ensure a peaceful night’s sleep at any outdoor event. Designed to provide athletes with the comfort they need, our Big Box Sleeper Containers are sure to afford a cosy snooze to athletes who need to conquer the day with top-notch performance.





Big Box Containers can accommodate any event with our flexible rental period. Make your event a reality with Big Box Containers.

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