The big blue trio, Big Box, Beaumont & Merkava boosting barista!

The big blue trio, Big Box, Beaumont & Merkava boosting barista!
March 4, 2022 Mari

If there is one positive thing in the wake of this ongoing pandemic, it will be the undeniable influx of small businesses and entrepreneurs in our country. Many people have been forced to rise up and think out of the box to secure an additional or a new primary form of income and our friends at Merkava is no different.

In the heart of Somerset West, situated next to Beaumont Primary Schools’ Astro sports fields, boasts a beautiful blue Big Box Container. This container is home to local barista experts, Merkava Coffee Roasters, from where they serve their community with delicious blends of coffee that are bound to perk up any parent waiting next to the field in the summer heat for their little look-alike to finish a good game of hockey. These enthusiastic barista experts saw a gap in their community, jumped at the opportunity to hire a 6meter container, and are thriving in their well-placed new business location.

Merkava is operational on Mondays – Fridays from 07:00 – 16:00 as well as on selected Saturdays during school sports days.

Big Box event boxes are designed for remarkable on-location experiences. The container is durable, portable, safe, secure & lockable. It has an insulated ceiling with LED downlights, electricity, a water connection point, a laminated floor and a bold steel frame. Quick on-location set up and geared with a convenient roll-up shutter door to ease the point of service.

Thinking out of the box has never been easier. Get into your own Big Box Container and make your dream a reality. For more information about container rental, contact your nearest branch, contact us online or call 0861 44 74 74.