A Big Box filled with 2023 Dreams

A Big Box filled with 2023 Dreams
January 11, 2023 Mari

It is no secret that Big Box Containers has a solid foundation built of teamwork, family culture and a collective goal or dream among their staff to actively try to grow their business and brand. We checked in with the Big Box Big Bosses to find out about their 2022 journey and what 2023 has in store for Big Box Containers.

A Family-sized Big Box filled with Mutual Respect and Character
The great thing about working for Big Box Containers is that you become part of a family, says director Jasper Coetzee. The word ‘character’ is used frequently within the Big Box family. Creating people with character is crucial, as it makes them secure in their sense of self and their role within Big Box – a joint belief by all three directors.

The Big Box staff stick together through tough times and celebrate together in good times. It is special to see how everyone is treated and celebrated on birthdays – WhatsApp groups light up from early mornings on workdays, weekends, and even public holidays. “We also believe in fun.” reiterates director Willie Ward. “Work can be fun if you constantly learn and have the support of those around you.”

“We care for each other, and we all know that we rely on each other.” – Jasper Coetzee

Grateful Hearts
Many new opportunities presented themselves in areas and industries where Big Box had limited exposure in 2022. Upon setting targets as a team, many of those targets were met and exceeded throughout 2022 explains director Willie Mouton. “Big Box Containers are now the preferred supplier in many of those areas and industries.”

More rentals also meant taking extra special care of their fleet to secure availability and quality products. Big Box has continued its efficiency because containers are delivered and collected on time and are maintained/repaired in a flash once they are at the depo ensuring readiness to be re-rented at top quality. In addition, Big Box is continuously creating innovative products that provide optimal solutions for clients. Director Willie Ward explains that it has been an incredibly rewarding experience to see new markets open for Big Box during 2022.


“To have such real growth in the tough economic conditions we face in South Africa is a blessing.” – Willie Ward

What is in the Big 2023 Box?
In 2022, Big Box Containers successfully improved the Big Box brand. In 2023 they plan to capitalise on this respected brand. “We want to build trust, leadership, shared vision, geographic scope, and diversification.” The vision is to keep innovating, focus on customers, and ensure that they are the container provider of choice.

Big Box Containers is one of the biggest privately owned container rental, sales and conversion companies in Africa. It has branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

For more information about container rental, contact your nearest branch, contact us online at www.bigbox.co.za or call 0861 44 74 74.