Big Box GROOTfm Treehouse

Big Box GROOTfm Treehouse
August 31, 2021 Sunel

No pie in the sky when it comes to Big Box Containers, where we materialize even the wildest dreams. This is a story of one of Big Box containers’ unique creations.

When GROOTfm 90.5 decided to grow their offices, they wanted to celebrate this exciting milestone with a new home. Staying on the ground was not an option for these stars and going upwards was the only logical step. A cost-effective, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing solution was required to host their new broadcast studio. When the Big Box container team was approached with this challenge, the gears were set in motion.

It was revealed by Armond Boshoff (Executive Director of Atterbury Group SA) that during a brainstorming session between Louis van der Watt, (Atterbury Group CEO) and Hardus Zevenster (Bloudruk Group Executive Head) stars collided and the satellite broadcasting studio came to life.

The chief architect of Anthrop Architects and of the BIG Tree House, Leon van der Westhuizen, says that he was commissioned for a “container” structure that will be erected and used as a satellite studio between two existing walnut trees. With the small balcony, the studio forms a visual connection with The Village during their operations, for future artist performances, interaction with passers-by. It also enables a beautiful view of The Village. According to Leon, the biggest challenge was the positioning of the “container” studio, which is supported by four sturdy steel columns with large overhangs. “It literally creates the feeling that the studio is hanging in the air between the branches,” says Leon.

Boshoff felt that being a leader in the Afrikaans media sector, the satellite studio would share the heartbeat of Pretoria with all the listeners. The spectacular social hub that is currently being developed by the Atterbury Group in the already social energetic Hazelwood will make sure the beat goes on and on.

GROOTfm 90.5 is overwhelmed by the new adventure that awaits them in the GROOT Boomhuis. It represents everything they are: growth, progress and building. The architecture represents the exact symbolism that GROOTfm 90.5 has been striving for, for the past eight years i.e. to look forward and reach even higher heights. Their new treehouse broadcasting studio was officially opened for business on 13 July and can be visited at 16th Street, #TheVillage, Hazelwood!

This project also emphasises the commitment of Big Box as a business, to the community, to service excellence and materializing solutions for their customers no matter how challenging the specification is. Read more about our customisation options and start dreaming about what creations we can make a reality for you.

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