The Single-Phase Super Hero: Big Box Refrigeration at its best!

The Single-Phase Super Hero: Big Box Refrigeration at its best!
April 4, 2024 Mari

In today’s economic environment, the ability to turn every cent around is crucial for financial success. Every decision made, every investment considered, and every expense incurred must be carefully evaluated to ensure maximum return on investment. Keeping this in mind combined with the determination to offer our clients the best possible service, Big Box Containers decided to go green by pioneering a new, cost-effective way of refrigeration.


The Big Box Single-Phase Super Hero

Refrigeration is an important aspect for many of our clients and therefore we take it seriously. By recognising that, we needed to create a refrigerated solution using new technology but still using the same container shells. We gathered our Big Box Lab team, led by an experienced refrigeration engineer, and through trial and error, we developed our 220 V Single-Phase Refrigeration Containers. These units can reach temperatures ranging from -18° C to 20° C, with the desired temperature reached in 3 – 4 hours. But best of all, {insert drum roll} this new technology enables our clients to cut down on their electricity usage by 70% while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This is a major win for us and our clients and we are elated with our results.


Single-Phase Secrets to Success

Another advantage of our Single-Phase Refrigerated units over the three-phase units is that it has excellent built-in features such as a flat aluminium floor. From a client’s usability, perspective, and for ease of access, it makes sense rather to use flat floors. The way air moves in our new units differs from the standard three-phase units, thus allowing us to do away with the deeply grooved T-bar flooring. Many clients use trolleys to wheel in the produce. The flat aluminium checkered floor is just so much more convenient. They are also easier to clean and can be kept more hygienic.

Over and above the new flooring, our Single-Phase Refrigeration Containers also have internal LED lighting that aids visibility when manoeuvering inside the unit. Noise pollution is also something of the past, so no more worrying about disturbing the neighbours if the unit is placed near residential areas. The single-phase units run quieter in much the same fashion as an air conditioning unit.


Elevate your Space and Stay Fresh with Big Box Containers

For businesses in need of cost-effective refrigeration options, Big Box offers a solution to elevate your space. Our services provide easy and affordable solutions for additional cold storage space, whether needed for short-, medium-, or long-term use with the bonus of boosting your bottom line. Any perishable goods require refrigeration, regardless of their required temperature range. Stay fresh and let us add value to your cold chain.


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