Big Box Containers brings MTB riders together at Somerbosch Winery

Big Box Containers brings MTB riders together at Somerbosch Winery
November 6, 2023 Mari

At Big Box Containers, we strive to achieve success in our business while positively impacting our communities. With this in mind, Big Box Containers has proudly sponsored two innovative containers that now grace the premises of Somerbosch Winery, catering to the audacious mountain bike riders from the esteemed Winelands Cycling Club.

This prestigious club has developed a network of trails (in excess of 150 km) on the wine farms along the foot of the Helderberg, with trail difficulty grades ranging from easy to challenging, and scenery from spectacular to stellar. The trails provide fun riding opportunities for families, good training workouts for serious athletes and everything in between.

The first container has been ingeniously transformed into a vibrant kiosk, serving as an inviting oasis where MTB enthusiasts can relish in refreshing indulgences before and after their exhilarating races. Here, they find respite amidst a carefully curated selection of delectable treats and thirst-quenching beverages, fueling their bodies for conquests on rugged trails. Adorned with sleek Big Box branding showcasing our commitment to excellence and adventure, this kiosk stands as a testament to creative ingenuity at its finest.

Adjacent to it resides the second container which serves as an indispensable storage facility safeguarding vital equipment and gear required for these daring expeditions across treacherous terrains. With robust security measures ensuring nothing is amiss or compromised within its sturdy walls, this container epitomises reliability while offering peace of mind to organisers who entrust their equipment within its confines.

Together, these containers stand as proud symbols of partnership and dedication—uniting passion-driven enterprises and activities under one visionary initiative.

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