Big Box the best fit for beehive boxes

Big Box the best fit for beehive boxes
July 30, 2021 Sunel

“The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labours, but because she labours for others.” – St. John Chrysosto –

Big Box Containers understands the importance of food resources. It is one of the biggest industries that we serve with our refrigerated containers. We also understand the essential part bees play in the ecosystem for agricultural food production. Bees are vital as pollinators of food.

Sadly, our small hardworking good-doers are under threat. Across the world, there’s growing public and political concern at bee decline.

Big Box Containers aim to make a difference by supporting Brendan Ashley Cooper, a local bee farmer. Big Box Containers in Maitland safely houses Brendan’s beehive boxes. Brendan has a unique passion for bees and keeping them alive in our beloved city. As a city beekeeper, he installs and maintains honeybee hives in boxes on commercial and residential properties in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Beehive boxes located in cities produce healthier and more productive bees. In the city, bees have access to greater biodiversity. Whereas in the rural environments they are exposed to pesticides and less diverse plants.

Brendan moves the beehive boxes to agricultural areas where pollination is required based on the season. The beehive boxes are currently in the beautiful canola fields for pollination purposes. Brendan’s mission is to improve bee health and expand the bee population in South Africa. Bees are so important to human survival that they are the most studied creature, second only to human beings.

Without bees, the ecosystem will slowly but surely collapse. This will result in a vast detrimental impact on natural systems and food webs. We realise the great need for bees on earth for food security. We are proud to support Brendan’s mission by providing a safe space for the beehive boxes where they can be maintained, multiply and flourish.

Big Box Containers believe in our responsibility and taking action to invest in the future of the planet.

Beekeepers are frequently searching for suitable spaces in urban areas. It is important to home their beehive boxes in locations where the bees are not a nuisance and are able to forage food. You can contact Brendan at 082 484 0030, should you have a space to offer.

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