Converting a Big Box Container opens up a world of possibilities

Converting a Big Box Container opens up a world of possibilities
March 12, 2024 Mari

Converting a container can be the perfect option if you are considering a versatile and cost-effective solution for your space requirements. The possibilities are endless – from creating vibrant pop-up shops and trendy cafes to designing comfortable offices, ablutions and stylish homes. By opting for a container conversion, you benefit from its inherent durability, mobility, and affordability while embracing sustainability through repurposing these steel structures. Here are a few examples of how a Big Box Container can be converted into a stylish and tailored space.

Eerste Kafee – Stellenbosch

Big Box Containers provided entrepreneurs, Simone Gerber and Lerine van Wyk with a 6m steel converted container. This conversion included space for a coffee machine, a display area, a worktop counter space, a refrigeration space, a small kitchen and a point of service. Every single centimetre of the container had to be accounted for and utilised for optimal use. Windows, sliding doors, beautiful light fixtures and electrical outlets were also added to the conversion.

The exterior of the container was painted from blue to an off-white colour allowing a complete transformation while giving it an inviting and sophisticated look.



Big Box GROOTfm Treehouse

GROOTfm 90.5 decided to grow their offices with a new home. They needed a cost-effective, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing solution. With the help of Anthrop Architects, a container structure was erected and used as a satellite studio between two existing walnut trees. The biggest challenge was the positioning of the “container” studio, which is supported by four sturdy steel columns with large overhangs, creating the feeling that the studio is hanging in the air between the branches.

Their new treehouse broadcasting studio was officially opened for business in July 2021 and can be visited at 16th Street, #TheVillage, Hazelwood!

The Karoo Kitchen

Big Box partnered with Holly Wood Kitchens and Furniture to create a beautifully innovative Karoo kitchen in a container. The completed kitchen container was transported from Cape Town to Beaufort West and then travelled 60km on gravel road to the farm and a further 20km to get to the exact location. Plenty of clever planning, experience, container expertise and creative thinking went into this project.



The container’s interior is fully equipped with a refrigerator, an L-shaped counter, a stove, seating and more. The one wall was removed, to make space for a large rolling door. The exterior was treated with charcoal paint to withstand surrounding weather conditions. The interior temperature is controlled using 50mm chroma deck isolation panels.

Ablution facility – Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool in Pretoria

The art of creating a beautiful space with a tiny budget is always a challenge. Fortunately, through thinking outside the box, modified shipping containers were used as an alternative to solve a space problem for the rapidly growing school. It was important that the new ablution container form part of the original Affies school building while still giving the feeling of it being a container.



This was achieved by wrapping the container with a UV-protected vinyl that matches the bricks of the Affies school building. The custom-designed, one-of-a-kind modified ablution container boasts a beautiful interior with basins, mirrors and toilet facilities. Thanks to Big Box Containers, Affies now has a new ablution facility for the next generation.

The writing is on the wall. Whether it’s expanding your business or seeking affordable accommodation solutions in challenging locations without compromising quality or style – converting a container provides an innovative solution that combines functionality with creativity.

NOTE: The Big Box team works closely with clients who buy containers to meet specific needs. However, Big Box Containers does not handle complex conversion projects. For example, we don’t design or build container homes. Where more complex conversion work is required, we’re happy to work with other professionals to ensure that the containers we provide comply with your building team’s specifications.

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