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Storage Containers

Big Box containers provide affordable, modular storage containers that are dry, secure and easy to relocate.

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Big Box Containers is a leading provider of dry storage containers across South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. We also offer high-quality refrigerated containers.

Made of marine-grade steel, our 6-metre and 12-metre storage containers are durable, vandal-proof and ideal for outdoor use. They’re also easy to relocate.

Renting containers is a fast, affordable way to acquire temporary or long-term storage space. It costs a fraction of the price of building a storage facility or renovating existing premises, with none of the delays.

Note for clients in Pretoria: If you’re looking for secure storage at a fixed location, our Pretoria branch provides a limited number of on-site storage units for rent.


Our dry storage containers are ideal for storing anything from retail goods to bulky equipment.

Among the many uses of shipping container storage are:

  • portable site storage, for storing tools and equipment on worksites
  • agricultural storage of supplies and equipment
  • temporary storage for meeting seasonal or event-based storage needs
  • short- or long-term expansion of existing factory or retail storage capacity.


All Big Box Containers branches offer 6- and 12-metre dry cargo containers, as well as Hi-Cube containers – which are useful because of their higher ceilings. In addition, our Gauteng branches offer smaller, 3-metre containers.

All our storage containers feature double lockable doors, for security and ease of access.

Steel Dry Cargo Containers

Type Length Width Height
3m container 3.0m 2.4m 2.6m
6m container 6.0m 2.4m 2.6m
12m container 6.0m 2.4m 2.6m
12m Hi-Cube container 6.0m 2.4m 2.9m

* Dimensions in the table are rounded to one decimal place and may vary slightly, for example based on whether containers include insulation.

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