Library containers provide a cost-effective flexible solution to South Africa’s literacy challenges.

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Library containers provide a cost-effective, flexible solution to South Africa’s literacy challenges. With funding for libraries declining nationally, they can provide both adults and children with access to decent, well-designed library facilities.

How it works

Big Box Containers has nearly two decades of experience in converting high-quality, marine-grade shipping containers for a range of uses. This includes performing expert conversions of marine shipping containers into attractive, user-friendly libraries.

When creating a library space, we customise features to your exact specifications. For example, we can:

  • add shelving units of your choice
  • handle interior and exterior paintwork
  • install windows and doors in configurations you choose
  • install air conditioning and electrical wiring, depending on your needs.

Big Box Containers performs all conversion work at its own premises, before delivery or installation. Once your library is ready, our fleet can deliver it to premises in South African or elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. The team will also set up the library and ensure that it meets your requirements.


Big Box library containers have the following advantages:

  • they’re cost-effective
  • they’re faster and less disruptive to put in place than structures built from scratch
  • they’re easy to transport; you can set them up anywhere
  • they can be relocated if your company moves or to provide communities with roving access to library facilities
  • they’re tough, weather-resistant and vandal-proof
  • they can be fully customised, for children or adults

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