Our kitchens ensure hygienic and safe preparation of food.

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Big Box Containers has expertise in converting marine-grade shipping containers into professional, hygienic kitchen facilities, ranging from basic field kitchens to luxurious industrial kitchens.

Our kitchen containers are portable and flexible, and can be configured for a wide range of uses – from catering kitchens at events, temporary work sites or film shoots, to field kitchens for providing nutrition to learners at schools.

How it works

We perform expert conversions of high-quality marine shipping containers into modern, hygienic kitchen facilities, customising features to your exact specifications.

For example we can add:

  • easy-to-clean flooring
  • shelving units
  • hygienic counters, sinks and plumbing
  • doors and windows in configurations you choose
  • electrical wiring and air conditioning

Big Box Containers performs all conversion work at its own premises, so you don’t have to deal with work teams operating on your premises. Once your container is ready, we can deliver it to premises in South African or elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our team will also set up your kitchen space and make sure it meets your requirements.


Big Box housing unit containers have the following advantages:

  • they provide hygienic environments that are easy to sanitise and keep clean
  • they can be relocated, making them ideal for providing temporary kitchen facilities in the field
  • they’re cheaper, less disruptive, and faster to put in place than kitchens constructed from scratch, making it easy to add kitchen facilities to existing premises
  • they’re tough, weather-resistant and vandal-proof
  • they can be fully customised, with features and layout to suit your needs.

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Should you require any more information about our products, please feel free to contact us using our toll free number on 0861 44 7474.

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