The Big Box Container Benefits of our Container-mounted Dome Shelters

The Big Box Container Benefits of our Container-mounted Dome Shelters
June 3, 2024 Mari

Big Box Containers offers a cutting-edge solution for the storage and protection of goods with our innovative Container-mounted Dome Shelters. These unique structures offer a wide range of benefits and applications, making them the perfect choice for a variety of industries and environments. Container-mounted dome shelters are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Whether you require additional storage/shelter space or even an event venue, these dome shelters have got you covered.


The Big Benefits of our Big Box Dome Shelters

Container-mounted shelters are engineered to be permanent, yet designed to be relocatable, so if your operation moves or storage needs change, you can dismantle, transport and reassemble your shelter. The 10-year warranty provides both reassurance and the opportunity to either buy or rent, giving you choices and adaptability.

Container-mounted shelters are cooler, brighter, installed faster and can be economically relocated when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar or steel structures. The durable Allshelter container-mounted shelters are made with strong polyethylene fabric and a curved steel frame, making them ideal for various uses across many industries.


Mining industry

Container-mounted Dome shelters are the epitome of efficiency and practicality in the Mining Industry. These innovative structures provide a versatile solution for equipment maintenance, machinery storage, bulk warehousing, and workshops.


Construction Industry

These shelters offer a heavy-duty structure that can withstand even the most demanding environments. The design allows for easy relocation when necessary while maintaining its structural integrity. Whether it’s providing protection from harsh weather conditions or storing valuable equipment, these dome shelters are an essential asset on any construction or civil site.



In an industrial environment, bulky storage facilities are needed for plant equipment, machinery, bulk stock and materials, and the flexible widths, heights and access options of Allshelter shelters make them an ideal fit.


Waste management

With large interior work areas unobstructed by columns, Allshelter domes are ideal for keeping waste, biomass, recyclate and potentially harmful loose materials under cover to avoid contaminating surrounding ecosystems.


Aviation industry

Allshelter provides a versatile range of clear-span aircraft hangars and aviation shade structures.


As Container-mounted Domes Shelters provide shade, wind and sun protection, they are also well-suited to use in food markets, expos and events, schools that need to provide sun protection to their scholars, and gatherings, entrances to properties/sites, and small businesses workshop areas.

Standard container shelters are available in configurations of 6m & 12m variants primarily with additional sizes available on request. Discuss your storage or asset protection needs with us and we will advise on the ideal solution.


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