Converted Classroom Converted Bar Converted Site Offices jb032 (800x533)
  • Classroom Container

    A container converted into an educational centre

  • Converted Bar

    With hydraulic door and shelving

  • Converted Site Offices

  • Rental Containers

    Basic storage containers available to rent or buy

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Out of the box

  • 380283_388674337844724_2133355500_n

    “Box Wine”

    We have created custom bars with hydraulic doors and built-in shelving, ideal for beer and wine festivals or social events where temporary bar facilities might be needed.

  • Bright-kid-library-011

    Kids Libraries & Schools

    As an excellent addition to the range of educational conversions, they provide decent, customised shelved spaces for children and adults alike to enjoy books and learning.

  • Mini-Spazas-002

    Mini Shops

    From a colourful spaza shop to a trendy designer shop, the container offers flexibility, mobility and easy access for owners and clients.

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