Containers are a cost-effective solution for building schools.

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Big Box Containers offers the ideal solution for building cost-effective schools in southern Africa. We convert marine-grade shipping containers into comfortable, attractive spaces that are ideal for facilitating learning.

Using converted containers makes it possible to set up safe, decent schools at a fraction of the price of brick and mortar buildings.

It’s also quick and easy to expand the space available to an existing school, adding more containers as they’re required to house learners and facilities. Our schools are already used by various organisations throughout South Africa, with excellent results.

How it works

Big Box Containers fully customises each school container to meet specific needs.

For example, we can customise containers for use as schools by:

  • adding bright, attractive paintwork
  • laying suitable flooring or carpets
  • installing bookshelves, built-in tables and other useful fixtures
  • adding electrical wiring and light fixtures
  • installing air conditioning
  • adding secure, lockable doors and windows.

To meet the needs of schools, we can also convert containers into computer centreslibraries or hygienic ablution facilities, including toilets, wash basins and even showers with hot water.

Big Box Containers performs all conversion work at its own premises. This means you don’t have to deal with the noise and disruption associated with having work teams operating on school premises.

Once a school container is ready for use, our team will deliver it to your premises, set it up and ensure that it meets all requirements.


Big Box converted school containers have the following advantages:

  • they’re significantly cheaper and faster to set up than brick and mortar buildings
  • they can be transported for use wherever required
  • they’re weather-resistant and vandal-proof
  • they provide children with a safe, decent environment in which to learn
  • they can be fully customised, with features and layout to suit your needs.

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