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Housing Units

We build custom container housing units to meet clients’ specifications.

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Big Box Containers has experience in conversions for a range of container housing units, from student housing projects to comfortable temporary housing for overnight event participants

PLEASE NOTE: Big Box Containers specialises in comparatively straightforward conversions. For more complex container home projects, you may require municipally approved architectural plans and a suitable team of professionals. We can then collaborate with your team.

How we can customise container housing units

Depending on your needs and preferences, we can:

  • help determine and then implement the ideal floor plans for your needs
  • add doors and windows in configurations you choose
  • install kitchen and ablution facilities, with proper plumbing and fixtures
  • install air conditioning and electrical wiring
  • install sustainability features such as solar water heating and grey water management systems.

How it works

At Big Box Containers, we work closely with each client to determine the exact specifications for container housing units.

As far as possible, we do all conversion work at our own premises, ensuring that you don’t have to deal with associated noise or disruptions.

Once your container is ready, it can be delivered to any required location in South Africa.


Big Box housing unit containers have the following advantages:

  • they’re much cheaper, less disruptive, and faster to put in place than “brick and mortar” housing
  • they provide good air circulation
  • they’re tough, weather-resistant and vandal-proof
  • they make it easy to scale up the housing space at your disposal; simply add additional, converted containers
  • they can be relocated as necessary.

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