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Event Spaces

Event space containers are easy to transport and set up, and maximise branding opportunities.

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Big Box Containers has nearly two decades of experience in converting marine-grade shipping containers into attractive, modern event spaces.

Our event space containers are mobile, quick and easy to set up in just about any location and fully customisable. They’re ideal for getting your brand out at events – and for overnight, they’re weather-resistant and vandal-proof.


A Big Box event space container is ideal as:

  • a prefabricated exhibition stand or trade fair stall
  • a portable public meeting space or promotional stand
  • a prefabricated bar or shop for selling or promoting goods or services at events, festivals, local markets or concert venues.

How it works

Big Box Containers performs all conversion work at its own premises, according to your specifications.

For example, we can customise container event spaces by adding:

  • bar and refrigerator facilities
  • display units and counters
  • paintwork in colours that match your brand colours
  • windows, doors, hatches or open sides, in configurations you choose
  • air conditioning and electrical wiring, depending on your needs.

Once your event container is ready, it can be delivered to any required location in South Africa.

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