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Construction Site Sheds

Available from our Gauteng branches, our construction site sheds are a cost-effective solution for site storage requirements.

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We offer rental of high-quality construction sheds that are ideal for storage purposes, not just on building sites but anywhere where it’s useful to store tools, equipment or supplies. For example, they’re useful as gardening sheds and for storing farming tools and supplies.

Our storage sheds are a cost-effective alternative for all kinds of on-site and temporary storage needs. If you need larger on-site storage capacity, consider renting one of our standard storage containers.


  • Big Box construction sheds are available only as rentals
  • the sheds are currently available only in Gauteng.


Each construction shed is 3.4 metres long by 2.1 metres wide.

Our sheds are made from 0.8 millimetre inverted box rib (IBR) plating, rather than the traditional 0.5 millimetre corrugated rib used by other suppliers. Its total weight is 280 kilograms; about 120 kilograms more than the average competitor product.

The result is that the construction sheds we offer are significantly more sturdy and secure.

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