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Computer Centres

Container computer centres are affordable, scalable and secure.

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Prefabricated computer centres constructed using marine steel containers are much cheaper than “brick and mortar” structures.

They’re easy to move from one location to another, and can be customised to suit specific needs. They’re also weather-resistant and vandal-proof.

We complete all container conversion work at Big Box Containers, prior to delivery and installation. This ensures you don’t have to deal with any associated noise or disruption – and that once it’s on your site, you can start using your computer centre straight away.


A Big Box computer centre is ideal for:

  • adding a computer centre to existing business or school premises, quickly and affordably
  • setting up a field computer centre and relocating it as necessary
  • using as an education centre
  • setting up IT facilities in isolated or rural areas.

Containers converted into computer centres can also have multiple uses. For example, this type of unit may function as an education centre during the day and as an internet café in the evenings.


Big Box Containers custom-built computer rooms are designed for ease of use and include fold-away tables, special connections and strong-room facilities.

computer centre office container

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