Shipping Container Mansions

Shipping Container Mansions
February 19, 2018 Sunel

Unused shipping containers may be an eyesore to some, but when they’re painted, polished and given a new life, they’re the building blocks of some pretty awesome real estate. Take a look at these shipping container mansions, some of which are proudly South African.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home

Source: Inhabitat
Source: Inhabitat
Source: Visi

Layered, textured and arresting in design, the New Jerusalem Children’s Home is a testament to the flexibility of recycled cargo containers.

Modular, multi-layered and featuring 28 individual units converted and integrated into a sprawling whole, this magnificent mansion is at one a home, school and playground for some of the most vulnerable in South African society.

Hamptons’ Beach House

Source: Inhabitat
Source: Inhabitat

Airy, beautiful and with the perfect combination of whitewashed steel and sustainably harvested real wood cladding, this architect-designed beach house in the Hamptons is everyone’s dream.

The core of the building consists of six shipping containers that have been painstakingly repurposed to create an elegant and modern seaside getaway located in one of the upmarket areas of Long Island, New York.

Copia Eco Cabins

Source: The Spaces
Source: Livin Spaces
Source: Africanism
Source: Africanism

Timber pole cladding, and a touch of trendy grey paint offset by the brilliantly blue sky, has transformed a banged up old container into a luxury eco cabin. It is one of several special hideaways situated on a working farm in the Bot River valley.

It’s a magical little mansion – with attitude – that makes full and unfettered use of the geometric lines and natural attributes of the base building block.

Graceville Mansion

Source: Googodecor

Featuring 31 shipping containers integrated along horizontal and vertical lines, this three-story masterpiece is the talk of the town in Graceville, Brisbane, and far beyond.

A melange of modern cladding materials, each of which has its own distinctive texture and style, is offset by sections of raw container steel. It’s elegant, eclectic and quite breathtaking to behold, and there’s even a sample of poolside graffiti that would make Banksy proud!

Container Maison

Source: Homedsgn
Source: Architizer
Source: Architizer
Source: Homedsgn
Source: Homedsgn
Source: Inhabitat

Situated in the countryside outside Lille in France, the Container Maison has the look and feel of a quintessential farm barn – with a contemporary twist. It consists of eight recycled cargo units that have been stacked horizontally and vertically to create 208 square metres of integrated living space.

A facade of glazed windows allows in plenty of light, but when it’s cold and rainy, or the situation demands a bit of privacy, the original doors can be closed fast.

Mojave Desert Magic

Source: Archdaily
Source: Idolza
Source: Jetson Green
Source: Homedsgn

Stunning, modern and self-sustaining, this desert mansion in California’s Mojave Desert is constructed from six shipping containers that have been repurposed to let in plenty of air and light.

The modular structure is offset by a 10 000 gallon water storage tank that is fabulously futuristic in design. Other cool features include solar panels and a ‘living roof’ that uses grey water.

Kalkin’s Container Home

Source: Propertypal
Source: TheyDesign
Source: Uber Home Decor

New Jersey architect, Adam Kalkin, has created a majestic multi-level steel shell that houses several steel containers as standalone living components. It’s a unique and innovative use of space and material achieved by barely any repurposing of the original cargo units.

Spacious, spectacular and distinctly liveable, Kalkin’s metal mansion consists of 12 recycled containers. Quite frankly, it’s in a class of its own!

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