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We welcome business partnerships in our CSI initiatives. If your business is seeking worthwhile CSI opportunities in South Africa or is interested in sponsoring a container-based solution to a community need, we can assist.

If you’re currently seeking sponsorship for your project or organisation, please complete the form below.

Apply for a sponsorship

To apply for sponsorship from Big Box Containers, please complete and submit the form below.

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What percentage of the funding will benefit previously disadvantaged individuals?

In which provinces will the funds be utilised? Please state each province and percentage of funding breakdown.

What percentage of the funds will be utilised for the beneficiaries versus administrative costs?

Motivation for support

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What branding opportunities, if any, exist for Big Box Containers?
Briefly explain if your organisation is amenable to co-branding, and if you have any proposed ideas for marketing opportunities.

Due to a large volume of sponsorship applications, we are not able to respond to those that are not successful. If there has been no response from us within one month, the application has unfortunately not been successful.