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There is more to life than making money

About Corporate Social Investment Programme

At Big Box Containers we believe that there is more to life than making money … that it is possible to do well in our business, whilst also doing good in our communities.

For us, our biggest resource is our people and the communities around us. The primary aim of our CSI programme is, therefore, to address development challenges in South Africa – and specifically the needs of our children in terms of nutrition, care, security, education and development.

Our Involvement

Because we believe that our CSI Strategy must harness and build upon our core business strengths, we see it as not outside our business, but rather integrated into our business. Working with NGO’s, government and other businesses, we focus on amongst others:

Child Nutrition, Food and Security – with our school feeding programmes; Early Education – with our edutainers and computainers; Sport Development – providing storage and changing room facilities with our ‘borrow the box’ programme; involving our staff through Staff Volunteer Programmes; and Crisis Welfare – with once-off assistance where possible.

Partner With Us

To partner with us in implementing our programmes, contact us directly via our Head Office in Cape Town.

For more information on Big Box Containers, please see the about section.

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