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There's more to life than making money

Our approach to Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

At Big Box Containers, we believe it is possible to do well in our business, while also doing good in our communities.

For us, our biggest resource is our people and the communities around us. The primary aim of our CSI programme is, therefore, to address community development challenges in South Africa.

Also, we believe our CSI strategy must harness and build on our core business strengths. It must be integrated into our business, rather than something we do “on the side”.

If you’d like to assist by sponsoring a particular initiative we support – or to apply for sponsorship for your project or organisation – see our Sponsorship page.

Our involvement

Key focus areas for Big Box Containers’ CSI programme are child development (including child nutrition, care, security and education) and local sports development.

Child development

We support school feeding programmes, which are vital for both nutritional and educational reasons.

Working with NGOs, government and other businesses, we also focus on early education and development, through container schools and crèches, and container computer centres.

For example, we’ve supplied containers for initiatives ranging from large-scale projects like the Orange Babies’ children’s home or the Skateistan skateboard park in Johannesburg to more humble, but equally important, projects for local schools and crèches – such as the Wines2Whales crèche educational initiative.

Sports development

We continue to sponsor and actively participate in a range of cycling, running and swimming events, from the AfricanX TrailRun to the Night Trail Series and the popular Wines2Whales MTB events.

We also provide storage and changing room facilities for sports events through our ‘borrow the box’ programme.

Partner with us

To partner with us in implementing our programmes, contact us directly via our Head Office in Cape Town.

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