Shop Containers

Shop containers offer flexibility, mobility and easy access for owners and clients.

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Whether you need space for a trendy designer boutique or a colourful spaza shop, Big Box converted shop containers are the perfect solution.

Our shop containers are converted, steel shipping containers, remodeled to serve as secure, easily accessible retail spaces.

They’re mobile, quick and easy to set up and much cheaper than constructing shop premises from scratch. They’re also ideal for promoting your business, making it highly visible and easy for clients to access.

How it works

We perform expert conversions of marine shipping containers into shop spaces, customising features to your exact specifications.

For example, we can add:

  • bar and refrigerator facilities
  • display units, shelving and counters
  • paintwork in colours you select
  • windows, doors, hatches or open sides, in configurations you choose
  • air conditioning and electrical wiring, depending on your needs.

Big Box Containers performs all conversion work at its own premises. Once your shop is ready, our team will deliver it to your premises, set it up and ensure that it meets all your requirements.


Big Box converted shop containers have the following advantages:

  • they’re easy to transport and can be set up in just about any location
  • made of marine-grade steel, they offer excellent security for your staff and stock
  • they’re completely weather-resistant
  • they can be fully customised, with features and layout to suit your needs
  • if you need more shop space, you can simply add another converted container.

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Should you require any more information about our products, please feel free to contact us using our toll free number on 0861 44 7474.

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