About Big Box

Big Box Containers is a leading provider of high-quality new and used shipping containers and refrigerated containers.

Drawing on two decades of experience, the company also offers expert conversion of containers, customising them for a wide range of uses.

The company’s mission is to create and use space in innovative ways, and to enable people to achieve their business objectives through the spaces it provides.

Big Box Containers today

Today Big Box Containers is one of the biggest privately owned container rental, sales and conversion companies in Africa. It has branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

In 2014, Big Box Containers joined the Intespace group, which focuses on offering flexible space solutions across a number of industries. This partnership has been very successful.

In 2017, Big Box expanded its offerings in Gauteng through the acquisition of Container Agents Pretoria (Pty) Ltd, a Pretoria-based container company.

We love turning requirements and innovative ideas into space and storage solutions, and we continue breaking new ground in container customisation.

What’s important to Big Box Containers?

Although Big Box Containers has expanded rapidly, it has succeeded in maintaining loyal staff, with low turnover and a family culture based on mutual respect. This is important to us. Several employees have been with the company since it was first founded.

Our staff come from all walks of life in South Africa and from communities that are in need on so many fronts. As a South African company, we believe it’s imperative to get involved – and we’re privileged that our containers have the potential to help change people’s lives.

We have supplied containers for a number of community and charitable initiatives, from large-scale projects like the Orange Babies’ children’s home or the Skateistan skateboard park in Johannesburg to more humble, but equally important projects for local schools and crèches.

We also continue to sponsor and actively participate in a range of cycling, running and swimming events, from the AfricanX TrailRun to the Night Trail Series and the popular Wines2Whales MTB events.

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Should you require any more information about our products, please feel free to contact us using our toll free number on 0861 44 7474.

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